martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009


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¿Planificar o encomendarse a Dios? Si te quedaba alguna duda de cuál prefiere Dieguete:

Enlace: Maradona: "El Barba me salvó muchas veces; espero que esta vez también"


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Intercapping is often used to emphasize the meaning of a domain name. However, DNS names are case-insensitive, and some names may be misinterpreted in certain uses of capitalization. For example: Who Represents, a database of artists and agents, chose, which can be misread as whore presents. Similarly, a therapists' network is named Another example is, the website of an Italian power generator company. In such situations, the proper meaning may be clarified by use of hyphens in the domain name. For instance, Experts Exchange, the programmers' site, for a long time used, but ultimately changed the name to
—Wikipedia, en su artículo sobre Domain name